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Success Stories


Alex owns a vending machine business.  Montana Employment Consultants helped write a business plan which opened the door to Montana Vocational Rehabilitation funding of the purchase of several vending machines in 2018.  Since then, Alex continues to receive one-on-one support from our team of professionals and has expanded his business.


In 2022 Nikki was offered employment at St. Vincent Healthcare at the GI Diagnostic Center working as a sterile technician  


Nikki shared: "Bob Snizek and Montana Employment Consultants really listened to my concerns about getting the right job. He met with me several times and helped me throughout the application and job shadow experience. Jen, my job coach, was also great to work with. I now have a job that I dreamed of for years thanks to Montana Employment Consultants."



Mariah has been a model of consistency for Poly Food Basket since starting employment in 2017.  Mariah works as a stocker and appreciates the family-first atmosphere that is promoted by the owners of this locally-owned business.  Montana Employment Consultants provides individualized, follow-along onsite support when it is needed. 


After many years of struggling with addiction, Robin has been clean and sober now for over 15 years.  After getting himself into a better place, he decided that he wanted to help others overcome addiction as he had done.  Robin threw himself into getting the education he needed to bless others as a Licensed Addictions Counselor.   After he obtained his degree, Robin still needed to secure employment where he could get the 1000 hours of clinical supervision required to obtain his licensure.  MT Employment Consultants partnered with Robin throughout this job search process, filling out applications, negotiating with employers  and honing his interview skills until Robin was able to find a perfect match.  Robin is now employed with the Crow Tribe and is now fulfilling his years-long dream to become a Licensed Addictions Counselor!


While working with Montana Employment Consultants, Trisha was able to obtain a position delivering medication to Senior Living Centers throughout Montana.  Trisha overcame her fear of driving in extreme weather on dark nights and gained considerable confidence in herself.  Trisha finds satisfaction in being able to help others through her work and listens to audiobooks or sings along with the radio while she drives to various destinations.


Cassidy is a young woman who simply needed some extra help to enter the workforce.  Cassidy has learned how to confront and better manage her anxiety, and has gained greater confidence and independence while working in the Gift Shop at the Airport. Cassidy has become an integral part of the Sky Dine team. Cassidy uses motivational cards and other strategies she has learned to push through occasional anxious moments.

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With the help of Montana Employment Consultants Devan found employment in 2018 near his home working at a bakery baking cookies, A LOT of cookies!  He also has had help launching his own YouTube channel, take a look:  Positively Devan.  


When Holly first came to MEC in Butte, she expressed her desire to become a busser at a local restaurant. We secured a work experience for her at a nearby establishment where she could learn the ropes of the job. Holly was determined to make the most of this opportunity and quickly proved her worth to the restaurant team.
After completing a work experience, Holly was hired on directly by the general manager. She has been an integral part of the team ever since, bringing her positive attitude and a strong work ethic to every shift.

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